Consumer reviews

Google Reviews

Setting up thousands of fake Google Maps business listings to draw in customers is just one part of the process. In order to make them seem more realistic, PHS need to populate them with some information. The key item of course is a seemingly unique phone number with local area code; this is provided by Twilio and rings through to a PHS operator. When a call comes in, their screen tells them how they should answer the phone.

The other key component is to populate the listings with fake, five star reviews. This of course is strictly in contravention of FTC regulations, and can attract large fines. Enforcement seems lax enough that PHS doesn’t really worry about this. Top figures in PHS including Yosef Bernath and Sholom Reindorp are documented as openly admitting to creating these fake listings.

The reviews are easy to spot; they use a good quality, clear photo of an individual who has only ever left 2 or 3 reviews for anything on Google, all at the same time. Occasionally PHS slips up and uses one fake profile to leave reviews for more than one of their businesses, on opposite sides of the country.

Most of the photographs and names that they use to set up these fake accounts are harvested from online sources such as real estate agents and academics; the kind of people who usually have good quality photos available. However Yosef and his team hit a real low when they stole the name and photograph of a man from his obituary.

Premium Home Service Facebook

The PHS Facebook page is set up as an “App” page, not a business page. This seems like a strange choice for a business. One notable difference between the two types of page is that an “App” page has no functionality for consumers to leave a review. This is unlikely to be coincidental.

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau reviews make it clear that Premium Home Service is not the most reputable business. Customer reviews suggest that on the rare occasion a tech does show up, they cause damage and serious safety concerns. One customer reports that a PHS call center rep told him “We know where you live” and threatened to come to his home and hurt his family.


Premium Home Service, like every organization these days, has an app. The app stores on both Apple and Google platforms are littered with bad reviews and complaints of the same issues as described on this page; appointments not kept, refusal to refund, and so on.