Who is Yosef Shmuel Bernath?

Yosef Bernath is a member of the Bernath family, the 5th of 7 siblings, some of whom seem to also be involved in the Premium Home Service collection of questionable businesses.

Yosef Shmuel Bernath (courtesy of Facebook, a small segment of the original image is shown under “Fair Use”).

After growing up in Chicago, Yosef moved to St Louis to be close to his parents-in-law. Should you need to serve legal papers, Yosef is living at 102 Minitree Ct, Chesterfield, Missouri, 63017. The house is owned through a front company; the registered agent is a relative of one of Yosef’s managers.

The house where Yosef is living in Chesterfield. The PHS truck and van outside of the house are something of a giveaway. Courtesy of Google Streetview.

Yosef also owns a house at 14440 Ladue Road in Chesterfield, Missouri, 63017, which he bought in 2019. This address may also be useful to any customer who has experienced problems and needs to serve papers.

The house owned by Yosef in Chesterfield. Note the Premium Home Service signs. Courtesy of Google Streetview.

Premium Home Service is registered at 6723 N Sacramento Ave, Chicago, IL, 60645. The property is registered as being owned by Chaim (Howard) Bernath and Rivkah (Jeanne) Leah Bernath; these are Yosef’s parents. They bought the property in 1995.

Yosef is now married, and has moved out of the family home, but his parents remain exposed by the fact that his businesses remain registered at their address.

The registered address of Premium Home Service and associated businesses, courtesy of Google Streetview.