The other players

While Yosef is the ring-leader of the organization, there are a few other key players. Photographs are included to assist customers in recognizing anyone who might come to their property for PHS, as at least one of the individuals below is known to use multiple different names.

Levi Melamed

Levi is the technical brains behind the outfit. He set up, the platform used to present the sham Google business details to the call center, linking them with the phone number dialed by the prospective customer. He is also the account holder with Twilio, the platform which provides PHS with all of their phone numbers.

Levi likes to keep a low profile online (courtesy of Facebook, a low-resolution image is shown under “Fair Use”)

Levi is from Chicago and is the owner of 2611 West Jarlath Street, Chicago, IL 60645. This address may be of use to any customer who needs to serve legal papers against PHS.

Levi has a Twitter account, where he is active at a low level on a regular basis.

He is also active on Reddit, where he even discusses problems that he’s been having with spam calls through Twilio. It’s ironic that he would complain about people using the phone for nefarious activities.

Chaim Shcherbina

Chaim is the new CFO of the company, taking over from Moshe Kulek. Chaim is known to be a nice guy, but knows nothing at all about the company and seems to be being used as a “fall guy”.

Rabbi Sholom Reindorp

Sholom Reindorp is a technician manager at PHS, based in Baltimore, MD. He earns commission from the technicians that he manages. He is also a Rabbi, running a prison ministry in Maryland, the Jewish Incarcerated Family Services.

Rabbi Sholom Reindorp

When initially added to this site, Rabbi Reindorp contacted us to let us know he was leaving the business. Ex-employees who worked with him made it clear that he is fully aware of the illegal and otherwise shady practices that PHS was involved in, such as fake business listings and fraudulent reviews in contravention of FTC laws, recording of phone calls without notification to the client, illegal use of unlicensed technicians and evasion of taxes.

This makes it very clear that Rabbi Reindorp is fully aware of the illegality; he tried to distance himself as soon as he was publicly called out. However we are reliably informed by multiple sources that Rabbi Reindorp has not parted ways with the company at all; he still manages multiple technicians, although now more at arm’s length, and continues to receive payments from PHS.

Rabbi Reindorp makes ~10% in commission on all work the many techs that he manages perform.

Brittany Kerbler

Brittany Kerbler, employee of PHS and close friend of the owner (courtesy of Facebook, a small segment of the original image is shown under “Fair Use”)

Brittany is a long-time friend of Yosef and does work for him directly, including recruitment of new techs. She lives in House Springs, MO, and is close enough to have visited Yosef at his “hide-out”. She did not respond to our requests for comment.

Matthew (Motty) Stone

Matthew Stone is an attorney and partner at the “Schneider and Stone” law offices. He helps managing business registrations for PHS.

Matthew (Motty) Stone

Matan Dahan

Matan is one of the technicians who works through PHS, under the trading name of “Martin Garage Doors” registered in Lombard, IL. He is renowned for turning up for a quote, taking money and never completing the job.

A different group appears to have run into problems with Matan, and has posted their information online here.

Matan Dahan (courtesy of Facebook, a small segment of the original image is shown under “Fair Use”)

David Wallach

David Wallach is a manager of PHS, directing multiple technicians. The Wallach family is also involved in PHS through their law firm, which acts as the registered agent for the legal entity which owns Yosef’s “hideout” house in Chesterfield, MO. David earns commission from the technicians he manages.

David Wallach (courtesy of Facebook)

Sholom Vinitsky

Sholom Vinitsky is another technician manager at PHS. Sholom earns commission from the technicians he manages.

Sholom Vinitsky (courtesy of Facebook, a small segment of the original image is shown under “Fair Use”)

Simcha Andrew

Simcha Andrew is another technician manager at PHS. Simcha earns commission from the technicians he manages. Simcha is Yosef’s brother-in-law, through his wife Chaya.

Simcha Andrew (courtesy of Facebook, a small segment of the original image is shown under “Fair Use”)

William Tierney

William is a phone operator for PHS, living in the Chicago area.